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Make a Bold Statement!
On average, listings using Bold compared to listings with no Upgrades have:
  • higher sales price
  • more bids
  • higher success (sell-through) rate
What does Bold look like?
Using Bold really makes your listing stand out.

What is Bold?
Bold ensures that your listing title appears in Bold type, making it stand out from other listings in the browse and search results.

How much is Bold?
Please refer to eBay fees page.

How do I add Bold?
Add Bold by checking the Bold box under "Make your listings stand out" on page 3 (Pictures & Details) of the Sell Your Item form or by clicking "Change" in the Listing Upgrades box in Step 3 (Format Specifics) in Turbo Lister.

Use all 55 available characters to create a title that describes your item in the best way. Avoid unnecssary punctuation (such as **** or !!!!!) or superlatives such as "Amazing!", "Best Ever!" etc

Who uses Bold?
The most frequent use of Bold is in the following categories:
Electronics & Computers
Home & Garden