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What is Checkout?
Checkout is a set of tools that creates a consistent process for buyers and sellers to use when completing their eBay purchases and sales. Checkout is an optional service for both buyers and sellers.

How much does it cost to use Checkout?
Checkout is free for both buyers and sellers.

Why should I use Checkout?
Entering postage costs and bank account information means less hassle when your listing ends. You will get your buyer's postage address automatically and can save time because you will be able to complete your sale with fewer emails. With Checkout, when your listing ends:
  • The total amount of the purchase is automatically calculated for the buyer.
  • Your buyer is told where to send payment.
  • You receive an email with the buyer’s postal address and payment method.
How do I add Checkout to my listings?
When listing your item, simply check both boxes which read "Accept bank deposit payments" and "Show buyers your bank account number in Checkout" under the "Payment methods you accept" section. You only need to enter your bank account information once.

Will the Checkout button appear on all my listings?
The Checkout button will appear in your listings unless you disable it. To remove the Checkout button from listing pages, go to the My eBay Preferences tab and select the "Update Checkout preferences" option. By disabling Checkout, the Checkout button will not appear (1) on the Closed Listing page, (2) in End of Item emails, and (3) in My eBay.

When is my Payment Address displayed to the buyer?
The buyer only sees the seller's payment address for listing items when:
  • The seller's Checkout preference is set to allow Checkout, AND
  • The seller provides a payment address when listing an item or completes the payment address section in their Checkout preferences, AND
  • The buyer goes through Checkout and elects to pay the seller using cheque, money order, or "other" method.
   Note: eBay Store sellers are required to have a payment address on file that will be displayed if the buyer pays with cheque, money order, or "other" method.