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Cross-Promoting Your Items
What are Cross-promotions?
Cross-promotions are your opportunity to attract more buyers to all of the items you are selling. This can boost your sales in two ways:
  • You sell more items per buyer. A buyer who purchases one of your items is likely to be interested in your other items, especially ones that complement the purchased item.
  • You sell higher-value items. A buyer interested in one of your items is likely to be interested in a similar, higher-priced item you're selling and may purchase it as well.
What do cross-promotions look like?
The following example of a cross-promotion shows how similar types of products are 'advertised' to a buyer who has purchased a pair of men's jeans.

How much does it cost to add cross-promotions?
Showing cross-promotions for your listings does not require any additional effort. Cross-promotions appear to buyers automatically, and you can preview them by clicking the "Change your cross-promoted items" link on any item page.

How can I add cross-promotions?
To participate in cross-promotions, click "Participate in eBay cross-promotions" under eBay Preferences in My eBay. There, you can also specify in which situations cross-promotions will appear. If you choose "Cross-promote in Checkout", your items will be cross-promoted to buyers when they go through eBay's Checkout process to pay you for other items. If the buyer sees another item of interest and uses Buy It Now, the item will be automatically combined with the other items into a single payment. Thus cross-promoting your items during Checkout helps you sell more items while still directing buyers to complete their payment.