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Welcome to the Postage Centre
What is the Postage Centre?
The Postage Centre is your single source for tips, tools and information for postage on eBay. Whether you are new to selling on eBay or experienced, you're in control of your own sales but here are some tips to help you save time and money. Anyone can learn how to post items effectively!

Why should I include postage costs and transit times in my listing and in Checkout?
  • This will decrease the enquiries you receive from buyers during the listing period and after you have posted the item.
  • It will encourage potential buyers to purchase your item as they will know the total cost and the time it will take to receive the item before bidding.
  • If the postage costs are included in Checkout, eBay will include this information in the end of item emails to your buyers so there is no need for extra emails.
Save Time
How can I save time sending my items?

Use prepaid envelopes. PhilPost has prepaid envelopes for local mail up to 20g and come in packs of 10. Once packaged, you can pop it into a mail box rather than queue at the post office.

Use online postage cost and transit time calculators. There are a number of Web sites you can use to save time. Here are a couple you could consider:

Generate repeat business. Offer postage discounts or even free postage for multiple purchases. When setting standard rates, make sure you are familiar with the Excessive Postage Charges policy.

Check with your postal or courier provider if you are eligible for a pick up service. PhilPost and most couriers offer a pick up service. There may not be a need to wait in those queues, not to mention the time it takes to drive to the post office with those heavy boxes!

Use express mail services. PhilPost and LBC Express offer express mail services that generally deliver within the following day from the date of mailing, provided they are posted on or before the prescribed cut-off time.


Save Money
How can I save money when sending my items?

Buy your postage materials in bulk. Don't forget that some post offices and stationary suppliers will give discounts for bulk purchasing.

Check with your postal or courier provider if you are eligible for volume discounts on your postage costs.

Compare postage charges.Different postal companies would differ in charges depending on weight of package etc. Refer to the list of Web sites of postal companies to find out the most cost-effective delivery rate.
Standard Postage Services
The PhilPost Web site has time saving features for you. Take the time to work out your approximate postage costs and transit times so that your buyers know this information before they bid, and without having to ask you questions about your item.