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Tutorial - eBay Toolbar

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The free eBay Toolbar brings the power of eBay right onto your desktop.

Simply download eBay Toolbar to give you greater convenience of buying, selling and being a part of eBay's unique community.

eBay Toolbar is a free and helpful tool for eBay members. It sits just below the address bar on your Internet browser, making it available whenever you're online. With eBay Toolbar, you get:

  • One-click access to My eBay, the eBay Homepage, your Favourite Searches and Sellers and many more commonly used areas of eBay
  • A handy search box for whenever the urge to search eBay strikes you
  • Timely Alerts so you don't miss out on an item you're watching or bidding on
  • Buying and Selling item status to stay on top of all of your eBay activity
  • Account Guard to protect you from fraudulent spoof sites
  • Customisation to make eBay Toolbar even more helpful to you

The convenience of eBay on your desktop awaits! Get eBay Toolbar to help keep track of the items you're bidding on, you're currently selling or just want to watch. Because eBay Toolbar is always at the top of your browser, it's easy to search for an item on eBay, even when you're on a non-eBay site.

Did you know...

Millions of users worldwide have downloaded eBay Toolbar. It easy to see why with so much convenience in such a compact space. Click here to download eBay Toolbar now.