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eBay Toolbar
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Installation

What is eBay Toolbar?
eBay Toolbar is a helpful tool for eBay buyers. It keeps track of the items you've bid on and those you're watching. It alerts you before those listings end (you can choose from a variety of alert times) so that you can place another bid if you'd like. eBay Toolbar makes it easy to search for an item on eBay, even if you're not currently on an eBay site.

Do I have to pay for eBay Toolbar?
No, eBay Toolbar is free.

Do I have to be a registered eBay member to use eBay Toolbar?
No, you don't have to be a registered eBay member to use eBay Toolbar, but you'll get more out of this handy buyer's tool if you are. Anyone can use eBay Toolbar to search for items on eBay (simple, advanced, and category-specific searches). However, if you are a registered eBay member, you'll enjoy additional functionality such as bid and watch alerts, which could mean the difference between winning and losing an auction listing.

Can more than one person use eBay Toolbar?
Yes, more than one person can use eBay Toolbar. You install eBay Toolbar on a single computer. If more than one person uses that computer, those users can sign in to eBay Toolbar with their own user IDs and passwords. Individual users can track their own bids and eBay items they are watching, and can also have their own toolbar preferences.

Do I have to sign in to eBay Toolbar?
When you install eBay Toolbar, the last step of the installation process prompts you to sign in to eBay Toolbar. Thereafter, you will be automatically signed in to eBay Toolbar every time it starts, so there is no need for you to take any action to sign in, unless you choose to sign out. If you choose to sign out, you must sign in again to use eBay Toolbar for anything other than searching for items.

How can I tell which User ID is signed in to eBay Toolbar?
There are two easy ways to tell which User ID is signed in to eBay Toolbar: The User ID is shown next to the Sign Out menu item in the eBay menu; it also appears at the top of the eBay Toolbar Preferences page.

What if I don't want my bid and watch lists to show when I'm away from my computer?
Most users find it convenient to stay signed in to eBay Toolbar. However, if you share a computer, you probably don't want your bid and watch lists to be accessible to others when you're away from your computer. In this case, sign out. Be sure to sign in again when you return though, so you don't miss important bid and watch alerts.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use eBay Toolbar?
No, you don't have to be connected to the Internet to use eBay Toolbar. For example, your desktop alerts are fully functional without an Internet connection. However, eBay Toolbar must contact eBay periodically, and for this, you'll need to be connected to the Internet.

Why didn't eBay Toolbar refresh my Bid Alert menu after I placed a bid on eBay?
eBay Toolbar keeps track of bids and watched items for the user who is signed in to eBay Toolbar. If you are not signed in to with a User ID that is the same as the User ID you used to sign in to eBay Toolbar, eBay Toolbar cannot synchronise information with and therefore cannot refresh your Bid Alert or Watch Alert menus.

Why didn't my Recent Searches menu show the search I did on eBay?
Recent Searches, in the Search eBay menu, keeps track of your recent searches initiated with eBay Toolbar. If you start a search directly from an eBay site, Recent Searches will not capture that search.

Can I automatically open a new window when I search?
Yes. To show eBay search results in a new window, hold the Shift key when you click the Search eBay button (or when you click an item in the Search eBay menu).

How do I add or remove buttons from eBay Toolbar?
At this time, you cannot add or remove buttons from the toolbar.

I'm trying to hide eBay Toolbar — why don't I see it in the IE View menu?
To hide the eBay Toolbar in Internet Explorer, click the View menu, then click Toolbars. You should see the eBay Toolbar menu item with a checkmark next to it. Select the eBay Toolbar menu item to uncheck it and hide the toolbar. If you don't see eBay Toolbar in the menu, you may be running a previous version of Internet Explorer (IE 5.0, for example). If so, you will likely see one or more Radio menu items. Choose one of these (it's usually not the first one) and see if that hides eBay Toolbar. (Note that the problem is that IE does not correctly identify additional toolbars such as eBay Toolbar and others.)


Which browsers can I use with eBay Toolbar?
eBay Toolbar can be installed on the following broswers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.01, 5.5, and 6.0 (installing in IE will automatically place eBay Toolbar in every Windows Explorer window as well)
  • Netscape Navigator versions 4.51 through 4.79
Please note that Netscape Navigator 6.x is not supported.

What are the eBay Toolbar system requirements?
To use eBay Toolbar, you must be running a compatible version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (see the
above list) on one of the following operating sytems:
  • Windows 98SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT SP3+
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
eBay Toolbar, an English-only application, will run on the following international operating systems:
  • Windows ME French
  • Windows 98 SE German
  • Windows 98 SE Russian
  • Windows 2000 Spanish

Does eBay Toolbar require Javascript or ActiveX?
Yes, your browser must be set so that Javascript and ActiveX controls and plug-ins are enabled.

Why do I get a security warning during installation?
You have the security settings on your browser set to prompt you when any files (such as those for eBay Toolbar) are installed in your browser. The dialogue box is asking you to confirm that it is OK for eBay to install the files. Click Yes, and the installation will proceed.

I want eBay Toolbar! Where do I get it?
Oh, that's easy. Just click the "Download Now!" link on the
eBay Toolbar landing page. It takes just moments to install.