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My Messages Content
eBay keeps you safe by ensuring the messages you receive in My Messages, directly from eBay, are not fake (spoof) emails.

Remember - if it affects your eBay account, it's in My Messages!

If you receive an email about your eBay account or requests for personal information and it's not in My Messages, it's a fake. Please report fake emails to eBay immediately by forwarding them to

Also, My Messages is a convenient way to communicate with your trading partners - only eBay and eBay members can send messages.

My Messages provides you with:
  • Important alerts about your account that require immediate attention
  • Member-to-member communications - receive and respond to messages sent via Ask a Question, Contact eBay Member, Second Chance Offer, etc.
  • Customer Support correspondence and replies
  • Announcements about the latest buying and selling promotions
Take a quick tour of My Messages.

Accessing My Messages
Located conveniently in My eBay, members can find the My Messages link on the left hand side as well as My Messages section within My Summary .

Members can also reach My Messages from reminders that appear in My eBay at A Glance.

Alternatively, members can go directly to

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